Music COMMUNITY is a project co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme that explores possibilities of making a more efficient use of music in non formal education for young people, focusing on digitization as an essential trend and tool and on values such as social inclusion and environmental friendliness. 
The project also relies on the implication and modern vision of young people who are studying in the field of music and arts. 

As a response to the problem of the alienation of young people in these difficult times of the pandemic, Trib’art  together with 3 other organizations (Anassa Productions in France, beArtive in Greece and the Euro-Arab Youth Music Center in Cyprus) develop several instruments to be used in non-formal education.

These instruments are: a collaborative platform for young people, an online manual for community based education on Music as a toll to overcome anxiety and an application for youth workers mixing music with other arts and a holistic artistic education MOOC.