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A form of manifestation of cultural ideas, in a space of exploration and innovation, the Trib’Art Association is what defines us as individuals and as a community. We believe in culture as an engine for the implementation of events that bring people together: in ideas, creativity, artistic evolution. By supporting young people’s initiatives and projects in their cultural endeavors, we contain a world in which the digital is our ally.

By encouraging change and civic spirit in creation, we continuously develop and improve cultural and creative projects implemented as a process of change. Together with our partners, we support the development and non-formal education, as a structure of an artistic world in a continuous expansion.

We have the energy to do everything we set out to do. We invite you to keep up. For a world in which we like to live, to dream, to create.

Shall we begin?

He graduated from the Hamburg University of Music and Theatre and began his cultural manager activity in the cultural field starting with 2016. His activity is backed up by the certification received from I.N.C.F.C. (National Institute of Cultural Training and Research). Always orientated on finding sustainalbe solutions for the project writing and project implementation processes, Ovidiu constantly follows classes and workshops that offer him the opportunity to enrich his managing abilities, here mentioning SuCarMus and Lab for European Project Making.
Two of Ovidiu's most recent managerial achievements: he was accepted to MOST Music Management Training and transformed the Artistic Tribe into the first Romanian association ever accepted as member of European Music Council and International Music Council.
Being a Tribal Chief - determined, protective, devoted - his soul resonates with a splendid being whose tenacity is appreciated word-wide: the wolf.

Ovidiu Andriș


Simona proved and expanded her abilities as an experienced manager of youth and cultural-educational projects. Along time, she facilitated the implementation of local, national and Europen projects, financed through programs such as Erasmus+, EEA Grants, or managed by Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.
Her previous experience in the European Parliament, as counsellor for the Comission for Culture and Education, was a vital starting point for her involvement in cultural and educational projects that aim to empower communities.
Gracious, strong and always embraced by a mysterious allure, the untamed tiger is Simona's spirit animal. She also has the astonishing power of a shaman: she can turn any concept or ideea into a memorable project.

Simona Herczeg

project manager

A lover of books and good music, Andreea is an active and always prepared person, being involved in different cultural and social projects as a volunteer. She’s a perfectionist in her profession, and in her desire to do things the right way and be helpful to the people around her, it’s not surprise that she studies law.
Within the Tribe’s projects, among so many artistic dreamers, her work is invaluable in how she knows how to write down any discussion and negotiation clearly. If you get lost among papers and files, she can save you, and if she’s away from work for a day, her desk fills up with sticky notes of questions.
Just like an otter, she’s a believer in the importance of team work, she’s a creative and organized person, adaptable and willing to help everyone around her.

Andreea Jurca

legal adviser

If we chose to quote the classics, nothing would describe Dana better than Paul Gauguin’s “I shut my eyes in order to see.” When she holds her camera, her eyes are the lenses that look around just to find the stories that she can transform into photographs. She captures the images that surround us with the eyes of her mind and of her soul, and what may look ordinary to us is the essence of a person, a place, a scenery or a building to her.
Photographs are more than words for Dana, and even though she’s not a writer, she “wrote” captivating stories about Timișoara , its events, places and its people.
Always cheerful and feminine, just like a bird, she’s here at one point and there the next: she doesn’t miss a shot.

Dana Moica


Graduate of the Faculty of Economic Science, Irina started her career as an accountant more than 10 years ago and is now a dedicated and authorized accounting expert.
She involves herself in projects that mean to promote art and she’s an avid consumer of music since forever. Films, travelling and sports are also among her passions. During the last few years, she became interested in psychology, and she holds the belief that the world could be a better place if we gave up “having” and took on “being” instead.

Irina Riiosu

expert accountant

Graduate of the Faculty of Arts and Design of West University in Timișoara, Cristina dedicated her time to studying different branches of graphic design. Her thirst for knowledge drove her to always test her limits and deepen her understanding of different topics like the visual identity of different brands, motion graphics, illustration, UI/UX design and 2D animation.
A friendly and energetic spirit, Cristina blends total dedication and limitless creativity in her creative process. The main influence on this journey for her was the renowned American artist Andy Warhol, who caught her attention with an unusual color palette and innovative elements. With her accumulated experiences and always ready to learn and experiment, Cristina gives color – figuratively and literally – to each of our projects, making sure that the Tribe’s events look as attractive as they are enjoyable.
Always more inspired at night, Cristina is similar to an owl.

Cristina Nagy


Mihai is a sound engineer and music producer from Timișoara, well known for his live audio engineering as well as for his studio productions. Before being a sound engineer, Mihai is firstly a musician, well prepared in this field as he deepened his musical knowledge within his master’s studies in Trinity College Dublin’s “Music and Media Technologies”.
Among Mihai’s artistic collaborations, the most notable ones would be Negura Bunger, Sebastian Spanache Trip, Beck Corlan, Implant Pentru Refuz, BRUM, Pamant as well as festivals like Flight, Codru, Jazz TM, Timișoara Street Food Festival, Road Patrol Bikers Festival and others.
Within the Tribe, Mihai is responsible for everything audio engineering- related, from our live concerts to the recording and post-production of our activities. Tactful and receptive, his spirit is just like a cat. Since the feedback is always positive, we can only be proud to have him on our team!

Mihai Neagoe

sound engineer

Flavius or Sebastian Maru (he responds to both names). More than a decade ago you would’ve said that he would become a prestigious computer scientist, but soon after graduating an IT faculty, he left coding behind and dedicated his energy to videography. He is a freelance videographer in not just Timișoara.
He’s had numerous collaborations with bands like Phaser, Thy Veils, Skywalkers, as well as social, economic or cultural entities like the World Bank, the National Theatre of Timișoara, UrbanizeHub, Ceetrus Romania and Guntner Group. As to his career internationally, he was involved in projects in different countries like Great Britain, Germany, Italy, Japan and Iceland. In his spare time (if he has any), he deepens his knowledge on different passions like light design. He contributed to different well known shows, concerts and festivals with his varied light show concepts.
Lover of animals and a deep-rooted perfectionist, Flavius is that member of the Tribe who can always put us in a good mood with his sarcastic humor and witty replies in any situation.

Flavius Marușca


Sweet and likeable, Paul is the youngest member of the Tribe. His passion for music brought him among us, since he is a drummer in his free time. When we start implementing our projects, he’s like a fish in the sea: always prepared, you never have to tell him anything twice, whether he’s setting the stage or giving a helping hand to the sound engineer or the camera crew or managing the audience in a concert.
What animal would better suit him than a bear, willing to enjoy every aspect of life?

Paul Manole