Ovidiu Andriș

Tribal Chief

He graduated from the Hamburg University of Music and Theatre and began his cultural manager activity in the cultural field starting with 2016. His activity is backed up by the certification received from I.N.C.F.C. (National Institute of Cultural Training and Research). Always oriented on finding sustainable solutions for project writing and project implementation processes, Ovidiu constantly follows classes and workshops that offer him the opportunity to enrich his managing abilities, here mentioning SuCarMus and Lab for European Project Making.
Two of Ovidiu’s most recent managerial achievements: he was accepted to MOST Music Management Training and transformed the artistic tribe into the first Romanian association ever accepted as a member of European Music Council and International Music Council.
Being a Tribal Chief – determined, protective, devoted – his soul resonates with a splendid being whose tenacity is appreciated world-wide: the wolf.

Simona Herczeg

Intrepid Shaman
Administrative Manager

Simona proved and expanded her abilities as an experienced manager of youth and cultural-educational projects. Along time, she facilitated the implementation of local, national, and European projects, financed through programs such as Erasmus +, EEA Grants, or managed by Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports.
Her previous experience in the European Parliament, as a counsellor for the Commission for Culture and Education, was a vital starting point for her involvement in cultural and educational projects that aim to empower communities.
Gracious, strong and always embraced by a mysterious allure, the untamed tiger is Simona’s spirit animal. She also has the astonishing power of a shaman: she can turn any concept or idea into a memorable project.

Giorgia Harasim

Wondersome Penguin
PR & Marketing Manager

She graduated from the Faculty of Economics and Business Administration and decided to activate in the managerial niche starting with 2011, after two years switching project management with a new branch: marketing and communication services for the business sector. The next step was launching her own marketing agency, and experiencing entrepreneurship in the creative industry (for 3 years). She is certificated as a trainer by the Education, Research and Sports Ministry, studies that supported her consultancy and training activities.
Starting with 2016 she is fully dedicated to cultural projects that promote different cultural forms: fine arts, music, dance.
There are some particularities that Giorgia and the penguin have in common: they like the cold, they appreciate powerful contrasts (black/white) and love to travel long distances.

Alex Brad

Outlaw Badger
Brand Identity Designer

Alex graduated from the Psychology Faculty and became an enthusiastic designer who aims to harmoniously blend the study of psychology with the practice of graphic design. His focus is gravitating around the brand experience; Alex being determined to improve the process of creating an authentic brand identity.
His graphic touch is imprinted on the local and national volunteering projects that he attended, but the starting point for his career is the previous experience that he gained while working in a multinational company.
With incredible emotional intelligence and an astonishing tenacity, the wild badger overcomes any obstacle he might encounter in the wilderness. Alex finds his lifestyle very much like the badger’s highly creative and solution-oriented lifestyle, hence it’s clear who’s his spirit animal.

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